Yesterday (Dec 1!) I had this brilliant idea that I’d take a picture every day during the month of December and post it. And then today (Dec 2!) I failed to take any pictures. My ideas are some kind of wonderful, I tell ya. Follow through though, not so much.

Photo(s) from 12.1.11

I had to contact my two favorite designers today to send their design vibes Ryan’s way.

He inSISted upon decorating our front railing with multi-colored lights.

We also had a small argument about what color lights should go on our tree. (I swear I blogged this same conversation last year. Must look that up).


These are the best things ever. They are like little cookie cakes. Ricotta Cheese Cookies they’re called. I could eat ten in a row.

The boys loved frosting these. Pat and I- in the midst of a couple screechy meltdowns, tears, frosting everywhere, a glass of spilled milk, frosting-covered hands that were completely licked off by a germy 4 year old tongue- didn’t need to utter a word to know that we were both thinking the same thing: JOLLY HOLIDAYS.