Hermie’s first hiding place

(A little background…I caved, and bought the Elf on the Shelf kit at Target. Did not want to spend $30 on it, but then it was on sale last week so I got it. Ryan is VERY analytical about the whole Santa/gifts phenomenon, so I had to be really careful about what I said about the elf. The elf appeared at our table after preschool pick-up one day. There was a note with him- from Santa. Santa had made an extra-special daytime, pre-Christmas visit to our house, and brought the elf to stay with us. The elf doesn’t talk, but he watches and listens to everything that happens in the house. Then at night when everyone’s sleeping, he flies up to the North Pole and reports to Santa. He’s back by the morning, hiding in a different spot each time. Our elf was promptly given the name Hermie by Ryan. Hermie has yet to do any mischievous trickery, but I think he’s gearing up for that.)