Bullet points. It’s all I have in me.

  • Separation anxiety has reached an all-time high.
  • Attachment to the pacifier has reached an all-time high. He’d suck that thing all day if we’d let him (daddy would; I would not)
  • Has become muy travieso as they say in Spanish. Climbs onto the fireplace shelf/mantel and stands there grinning. Stands on the chairs and grins. Climbs onto the coffee table and grins. Stands up in the bathtub and plops down full-force and laughs. Opens chapsticks and digs out the contents. Smooshes up all the messiest foods in his hands, wipes the hands together, and then says ‘wash wash.’ Throws entire plates of food, whole pieces of pizza, and whole bowls of oatmeal across the room. Threw a matchbox car at the TV the other day. Gets into the dry erase markers and colors his shirt and face. Takes big swigs of water and lets the water dribble out of his mouth and all over his shirt.
  • If he gets angry at one of my redirections, he’ll wind right up and wallop me a good one.
  • Has a wicked throwing arm. Will stand right in front of you, wind up, and chuck a ball full force right at you. There’s a lot of ducking and covering going on around here.
  • LOVES balls (tennis, whiffle, foot). And if Pat’s watching sports he gets really excited. A sad moment for mommy: Sam and I walked into MOA for a morning of shopping, and the first thing he sees and points out is ‘FOOBAA’ on the TV in some sports bar we walked by.
  • On the flip side, he loves to swirl.tap.buff my makeup brushes, and then wipe them on his face or on the bathroom walls.
  • He also calmly let me clip his nails the other day! And me brushing his teeth might be getting a little better.
  • Speaking of teeth, he’s working on four of them right now. Very drooly.
  • Adores anything sweet of any kind. His favorite word is cookie. He also knows how to say cake, cupcake, syrup, sucker, and chocolate. Sam agreed to sit on Santa’s lap last weekend because he got a sucker. He and Ryan open an advent calendar everyday, and inside each tab is a ‘schocla’ (chocolate). OMG.
  • Sadly, he seems to have given up (just momentarily? I hope?) eating anything that isn’t sweet. He’s been eating terribly lately.
  • Most favorite food right now seems to be applesauce. P-sauce, he calls it. The boys get each other revved up at breakfast by taking turns shouting out P-SAUCE! P-SAUCE! P-SAUCE! Then they both proceed to eat about 3 bowls of the stuff.
  • Will pee on the potty. Especially likes it if someone else pees in the other potty at the same time.
  • Is talking a lot. Starting to put a few words together. Bluey, wheh ah you? Papis, wheh go? Daddy home. Mommy go? A guy! Wawer peez. Says please a lot, which is cute. Says thank you a lot, which is SUPER cute. And he’ll keep repeating thank you (tay too!) over and over until you say you’re welcome.
  • His words! Oh my, there are many. Some of the newer ones he’s started saying recently: spider, loader, lights, tree, bubbles, lotion, orange, Ana (one of Ryan’s classmates. He LOVES Ana), Max, Vivi, oats, boots (he calls our stockings hanging from the fireplace ‘boots’), moon. He still says A NOISE?? all the time, and this dude hears everything I tell you.
  • He’ll also ride along in the cart while grocery shopping and will point out each GUY. GUY. GUY.
  • Songs. Will do the actions to itsy bitsy spider. Loves Row Row Row Your Boat (calls it ‘row row’). Also loves Rock a Bye Baby (calls it ‘baby’). Loves an ECFE song he calls Tick Tock.
  • Books. He has some book obsessions. Tugga Tugga Tugboat. Digger. My Big Rescue Book. Trucks. And also Thomas the Train books, but he only likes looking at the pictures.
  • Knows how to say ‘Thomas’, and gets excited if Ryan is putting the ‘choo choo’ on TV. He sits on the couch and does this little shoulder dance when the theme song comes on.
  • Awakes once or twice every night, calling either for mommy or daddy. The problem is typically that he’s become uncovered or has lost his papis (pacifier), which is typically laying an inch away from him. He helplessly just lays there calling our names, and since we don’t want his calls waking up Ryan, we’ve been getting up twice a night to deal with this. He’s also always awake at the crack of 6:00am like clockwork most days.
  • But he’s so cute.

(above: wearing a barrette I found at Grandma’s house)

(below: twins)

bath hands

i am possessed by a point-and-shoot demon

gazing at the tree farm trees

Ryan, explaining to Sam how to hang an ornament on the tree

Sam, looking ornery that I told him no about touching an ornament

my little shepherd. or something.