I need to get these Christmas posts out of the way.

We spent Christmas Eve at home. Pat spent the day cooking, and I tried to spend the day cleaning and preparing, but got none of that done until Ry and Sam spent a few hours at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

The dudes were so excited for our evening to start! (Grandma snapped this picture as she was getting to our house.)

Pat’s parents (Mar and Jer!) and brother Jim joined us for dinner. Pat cooked a marvelous meal of turkey, dressing, sweet potato bake (which was basically a dessert), a green bean/red pepper dish, butter rolls (Baker’s Wife) and cookies for dessert. It was all really, really good.

Ryan and Sam exchanged their gifts with each other

and then they each got to open one present from mom and dad. Ry got this sweet playdoh dentist set

(not pictured- Sam got a Thomas the Train boat for the bathtub)

We snapped a few family photos and hung out.

By 7:30 I was more than ready for the children to be nestled snug in their beds, so Ry and Sam got on their jammies and set out a plate of cookies for Santa. Ryan made sure Santa only got THREE cookies, because if he ate more than that then there wouldn’t be enough left for Ryan.

A lovely Christmas Eve was had by all, if I do say so myself!