(How are we quickly approaching TWO?)

If you’re interested, go back and read this post about Sam at 20 months. Much is the same, so I’ll kinda just update last month’s post.

  • Separation anxiety- SAME.
  • Pacifier neediness- SAME. (If I tell Sam “no pacifier now, Sam” he’ll throw a fit. But if I distract him with something uber-exciting, we can get through without the paci.)
  • The muy travieso-ness: SAME. Just today he took a dry-erase marker and wrote on the coffee table. Emptied the baking pans cupboard in about 3 seconds flat, right in the middle of dinner prep. (But then CLEANED IT ALL UP after dinner, all of his own accord!) Destroys Ryan’s towers and train tracks. Colors on Ryan’s pictures. Sticks the ends of shoelaces in his ears.
  • Getting angry at my redirections: WORSE. Now, not only will he hit me in the face if he gets mad, but he also grabs us right in the face with his sharp nails, pulls my hair, kicks hard during changing, and flings himself onto the floor with an arched back and flailing limbs for the good, ‘ol stereotypical temper tantrum. He also gets crazy during a tantrum and will just start throwing stuff: books off a book shelf, a laundry basket, a plate of food, a water bottle. It’s dangerous stuff.
  • Wicked throwing arm: YES. The unseasonably warm weather has had us outside playing with bouncing tennis balls on the sidewalk. Sam’s favorite place to throw balls is INTO the street.
  • Loves balls/watching sports: YES. The other day he climbed up onto the couch in the middle of a weekday, and said “watch GAME?!” OMG a sports fan what do I do? He calls the sports he sees on TV b-ball, and whenever he sees anyone cheering he joins in with some clapping.
  • Love of sweets: SAME. He’s now completely obsessed with the gummy vitamins they get once a day. Does NOT understand that he will not be given MORE than one a day. This results in many a hissy-fit. Overall eating has been better lately at least. He’s even been eating meat the past few nights. Loves his “loader” fork, and it appears we may be able to talk him into eating more off his plate if we pretend it’s a worksite and he’s shoveling debris into his mouth.
  • Has gotten over his love of applesauce. Really got into eating Cheerios WITH milk the other day- this is a new one, the addition of milk! To cereal!- for both boys.
  • Has sort of lost interest in peeing on the potty. He’ll go…not at all, or just one drip, and then will stand up and cheer like he just won a marathon. After that, he needs to immediately run out of the bathroom to tell whoever’s home about his epic potty production. He also whizzes in the bathtub every single time he takes a bath.
  • Words: I’ve lost track of all the new ones. He’s been putting two and (sometimes) three word phrases together. There it goes! Ry Guy doing? Niiiiiice mommy. Niiiiice daddy. (While gently stroking our faces.) See choo choo. Mommy dance! Sam turn. Papis boom boom. See Karen! See Bop! (this is while pointing to the computer where he skypes with grandma and grandpa.) Other words he’s been saying: a-ki-ka (apricot), forker (fork), clean up!, kee-ka-kite (gummy vite), chute (loves throwing things down the laundry chute), chili, cookie time!, books time!.
  • Songs: SAME. He loves the ABC song. Unfortunately, he’s heard Ryan tell his ABC joke where the letter P is missing, so now he thinks that anytime you sing the ABCs you’re supposed to say “where’s the P?” at the end, and then Sam answers “POTTY!” and cracks up laughing.
  • Overall, this dude has gotten even more vocal, even more LOUD in his vocalizations, and even more stubborn. He wants to do a lot of things all on his own, and gets easily frustrated, resulting in a hissy fit. He won’t snuggle or lay/sit still for very long, and absolutely wants to do EVERYTHING that Ryan does. The two play together really well though, which is great.
  • Has loved the open gyms and toddler playtimes that we’ve been trying out. Calls other kids that come near him “baby”.
  • I still call him baby sometimes myself, but those times are getting to be fewer and further in between. He’s getting OLD, this little wee one of mine.

(sorry dude, most of what you get this month are iphone shots!)

Samsy becomes quite the complainer if the sun shines in his eyes during a car ride

January 9th…in the 40s!!! Nice enough to take a walk/bike ride.

January 10th…temps in the 50s! Nice enough to play outside hatless! Nice enough to walk around on the (SNOWLESS) grass, bounce balls in the sidewalk, walk to Nokomis, run through weeds. Unbelievable!

Throwing sticks on to the melting ice of L. Nokomis