-I have NO complaints about this winter’s weather so far. NONE. There is no snow, which means no annoying snow-related problems like getting stuck in the alley or parking restrictions or sliding through intersections. And since there’s no snow, I’ve been able to take Sam on wagon rides and push him in the stroller on sidewalks, and Ryan has been biking. And they’ve been running through yards and playing ball in the grass. It’s been awesome. I could handle winters like this every year. No shoveling, no slipping and falling, no trekking of muddy salty snow into the house. LOVE IT.

-We haven’t been able to try skating though this winter, which is kind of a bummer. The rinks around here are all shot. Last Thursday a neighborhood rink and warming house were going to open for the first time all winter. We planned to head over in the evening, but after a call to the warming house we found out the rink was total slush. We went down to the lake to try skating there instead, but no skating was to be had there either. Instead we spent a very warm January evening playing on the beach at night, going down the slide and swinging. And then we went to DQ for a treat. Still, not complaining about the lack of winter. There’s always INDOOR skating, right?

-I wandered into Gap Kids last week to see if they had any good boys’ clearance, and I was wowed by the cuteness of the new arrivals for their early spring lines. Even the BOYS’ stuff was cute! It was refreshing to see some bright colors. Love this green and bright blue for the little boys…

we love ourselves a good bike tee in this household

(although Ryan wouldn’t be caught dead in a v-neck sweater)

Fortunately, Sam is still dressable. Unfortunately, he’s about out of the baby sizes, so no longer can I put him in anything like this.

Even more unfortunately, Ryan is about out of the “T” sizes in most brands, which leads us to the regular boys’ stuff, which is UG-LY. (in my humble o.)

!! Apparently this post has turned into an ad for Gap Kids !!

Now just look at the cute GIRL stuff…

Um hi? The Odile Collection.


This is a swimsuit. How cute is that?

spring outerwear…

cute one piece romper

love this dress!

Yeah, so. If any of my nieces/goddaughters/honorary small-girls-that-I-know need someone to do some shopping for them, they know who to call:)