Tonight as I was squirting shaving cream into a muffin tin for my kids to ‘paint’ with in the bathtub, I got to thinking about Pinterest. I’m a total Pinterest stalker…I never pin anything, but I always look at other people’s stuff. I guess I use Pinterest more to satisfy voyeuristic needs to see what OTHER people like, than to actually collect a database of what I like, haha! Even though I don’t ever pin anything and barely follow anyone, there have been a few things I’ve actually made/done that were inspired by Pinterest.

end-of-year teacher gift

screen shot from pinterest. Link to original blog post here.

I thought these were adorable and very usable. The little flags say “thank you for being a great ‘ade’ for our class”, and “thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge.” The packets inside could be any type of powdered drink packet- I think I used the Crystal Light Pure. I also had Ryan draw a picture for each teacher and sign his name to make it more personal. This is how the ones we made turned out.

And lucky for me Ryan has two different teachers this year so I could use this idea again!

shaving cream bathtub paint

screen shot from Pinterest. Link to original blog post here.

I do not have my own photo of what my muffin tin filled with colored shaving cream looked like, but trust me, it was not nearly this neat and pretty. When I stirred in the food coloring the shave cream oozed over the top of the muffin holes and went everywhere and the colors merged together and it was not exactly pretty. I’ve done this twice now with the boys in the tub and they both love it. For brushes I gave them some of my old makeup brushes and they went to town. All the colors come together to create a lovely brown color, that then drips down the tiles of the bathtub walls and into the bath water, making it look like your kids are bathing in filth. But they love this activity, so I give this one two thumbs up.

abstract art with tape and painting

screen shot from Pinterest. Link to original blog post here.

This one was fun, albeit slightly frustrating for me to listen to Ryan whining that the tape wasn’t coming off the roll right and it was sticking to his hands and waa waa waa. We didn’t have any spare canvases (?) just lying around, so I used white paper and blue painters’ tape. And watercolor paints. The tape peeled off just fine once the paint was dry. That is, the tape peeled off just fine if a grown-up was doing the peeling. For a 4 year old on delicate paper, there was some tearing and screaming, but we got through and the art turned out nicely. Peeling the tape off definitely was the most fun part for the kid. Depending upon how much a blank canvas costs, I could see this being a fun activity to do and then actually hanging the art on the wall of Ry’s room or something.

Our finished abstract art (top- Ry’s; bottom- mine)

To make it official, I think I’ll log into Pinterest right now and will actually pin these things:)