Apparently this is becoming the venue for my Wednesday randoms…

  • I am annoyed. By kids, by migraines, by needed haircuts and static hair and rashes and gashes and scratches and screaming.
  • I had a migraine yesterday, so I probably shouldn’t even be staring at this computer screen as I’m still recovering from the migraine hangover. Which is, the hangover that occurs the day AFTER you have a migraine. I consider myself lucky that i haven’t had a migraine since I was pregnant with Sam, but last night it reared its ugly head once more. Strangely enough the migraine came on right when I was getting ready for bed, so I was able to sleep it off in peace instead of dealing with it during the day. Because, you know, in my line of work there ARE NO SICK DAYS. EVER.
  • So today I let Ryan watch Cars after lunch and I took a nap in his bed.
  • More and more, I feel like I live in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. (When I was a child we had- count ’em- FOUR channels on TV. So I do clearly remember Wild Kingdom.) I’m sure this is something a mother is never supposed to say, but I wish the children in my house would just SHUT UP for a moment. That’s all I ask- a moment. One. The constant screaming- at me, at each other, at the world at large is intolerable. (And probably what brought on my migraine!) I know they say you’re supposed to speak with your child in a calm, quiet tone when he revs up and screams, but let me tell you, me whispering or talking quietly and calmly while they scream does NOT WORK in our house. They never shut up I tell you. They scream when they’re happy, scream when they’re mad, scream when they’re hurt, scream when someone else screams, scream in in their sleep. The bathtub water temperature isn’t up to Ry’s liking? SCREAM. The air in the bathroom outside of the tub is chilly? SCREAM. Sam doesn’t have his pacifier the instant he’s laid down to get on his jammies? SCREAM. The strawberries are all gone? SCREAM. I’m 4.5 and I just hit my head accidentally on the coffee table? SCREAM. (and then kick the coffee table.) I mean, WTF is this???? Pat and I do not walk around exhibiting these types of behaviors. Where is this coming from? Do they secretly belong to a band of gorillas? (Do gorillas scream?)
  • We are embarking upon a home remodel project, people!! Our first ever! This has been in the works for, oh, years now. The famous designer who’s working with us tells people behind our backs that we are the SLOWEST DESIGN DECISION MAKERS EVER! hahahaha! Hello…when you basically live in one room of your house and that’s the room you’re remodeling you kind of want to spend a really long time obsessing over the deets, you know? Also, it’s expensive. We’re having some cabinetry built and refacing a fireplace and then later painting and then eventually getting some new furniture. It’s very exciting!
  • And here’s something that’s not exciting: a rash! Ryan has had this off and on rash for about two weeks now. The first time it appeared was at the end of a cold, so I figured it was just his cold virus working its way out. (As a long-time hives sufferer, I’m quite familiar with this phenomenon). So then the rash was gone, and then it came back, and sometimes it’s itchy and sometimes it isn’t and of course it’s so bothersome (SCREAM!), but actually Ryan’s been handling it really well until tonight. Tonight it flared up and is blotchy and itchy everywhere. He has an appointment with the MD tomorrow, which stinks because now he has to miss preschool, Sam and I have to miss music class, and I get the joy of dragging the both of them to the doctor’s office. (SCREAM! that one was mine). And I know they’re just going to say “it’s viral! it’s hives! it’ll work itself out! give benedryl!”
  • Thus conclude my rants of the night. This final paragraph I dedicate to my husband.

To my fave hubby ever: Today I ate
It’s snowing outside #snowissopretty
I am so blessed to have you in my life.

The end.