I thought I’d have Ryan and I tackle another Pinterest-inspired craft project after the success I had with the other fab ideas I tried off Pinterest.

These are called crayon shaving waxed paper hearts. And they are supposed to look like this:

So pretty, huh? Ours turned out like this:

Not that ours aren’t pretty of course, but this wasn’t exactly a project that went smoothly. Beginning with the crayons…we have a huge stash of old shoddy crayons, so Ryan and I collected all the pinky reds and reddy pinks and whites and peeled them. They did not peel nicely. Ry also wanted to use every color of the rainbow, which I of course allowed because I’m SO EASY GOING like that, of COURSE I’m fine with having an orangegreenbrownblackturqoise Valentine heart. Next we were to run the peeled crayons through a pencil sharpener to create crayon shavings. Our little pencil sharpener was not big enough to accommodate the crayons, so I ended up moving to the kitchen and chopping the crayons into bits with a large butcher knife. This took forever (the whole project was done over the course of two afternoons). The knife chopping does not get the crayon bits fine enough, so when it came time to iron the bits between two pieces of waxed paper, I had to hold the iron on the waxed paper much too long to even get any melting action whatsoever. The iron melted the waxed paper, getting melted crayon on the iron. Half of the crayon chunks didn’t even melt, so we were left with a very thick sandwich of waxed paper with half melted/half chunky crayon bits inside. Chunks of crayon fell out all over the carpet, and many more chunks fell out when Ryan was cutting out the heart shapes. We managed to created a few heart shapes to hang from our chandelier, but I had to glue the two pieces of waxed paper together on most of the hearts to keep it all from peeling away from the crayon.

Oh, we also turned one sheet of the melted color conglomeration into a face mask of a cat! No photo of that, unfortch. This project I would not do again, unless I got myself a larger pencil sharpener.