[This post is all over the place. I’ve been writing it for like 5 days now. And this kid changes so quickly, I could keep writing forever!]

For the past week, I haven’t been quite sure whether I have a 22 month old or a TWO month old. Sam had a low fever Monday and Tuesday last week, otherwise he has appeared physically fine, but has been acting like a beast. He’s been screaming and crying about any little thing, throwing tantrum upon tantrum, and wants me to carry him all day long. He’s been waking up multiple times a night, and then taking really longs naps. Has not wanted to eat much of anything. Wouldn’t even touch the fro-yo we went out for last Thursday night. Weirdo.

Otherwise, at 22 months, Samuel J…

…loves Music Together. We started a session this winter, just he and I, and he loves the music, the other kids, and watching the teacher play her guitar. He knows some words to many of the songs, and loves listening to the CDs at home (and having dance parties).

…gets really upset if people go somewhere without him. If he sees us getting on shoes/jackets, he’ll run over and grab his shoes and try to get them on. Then he’ll say “go driving! Sam go!” And then if he hears that he’s staying home, whoa boy. Meltdown.

…still gets sad at his Friday morning co-op childcare drop off, and clings to paci and bluey the whole time. But he handles it now, and even mentions his teacher and the other kids when we’re at home. About the other kids he mainly says “baby, share. baby turn. Sam turn.” Those other babies and that dang sharing! Sam is very aware of taking turns with other kids, and very aware that it’s something he doesn’t like to do.

…likes birthdays, and calls them “Happy Gooey!” Can kind of sing Happy Birthday. And he thinks that the birthday CAKE is the actual BIRTHDAY, so whenever he sees a picture of cake, will say happy Gooey! He also says happy happy joy joy, hahaha!

…talks about himself in the 3rd person. (I love this stage!). Says “Sam! Sam!” if he wants to do it himself, and will sometimes say “Sam do it!” If you ask him what his name is, he answers with Sammy. He’ll also use a grown-up sounding voice and if he thinks he’s doing something funny, will say “Saaaammmmyyy!!” in this super cute accusatory way.

…is talking lots lots lots. Ryan fell on the sidewalk the other day and Sammy told the whole story back to Daddy at dinner. It went something like this: Ry Guy running fall down. Ry Guy owie. Ry Guy crying. See snakes! Turtles! Fishy! Orange Fishy! (we were on our way to the conservatory). He’ll also ask a question, and then say “Huh?” Has also started saying “Don’t like it!”

…likes brushing his teeth (himself), likes hiding and looking for people who are hiding, likes ghosts, and loves spiders and snakes. But he hates the large rubbery toy spider that we have. Big bro loves to taunt Sam with it.

…thinks he likes watching Thomas the Train on TV, but really is only interested in the opening song. He’ll specifically ask to “watch choo choo”.

…has been so clingy to me this week, that has barely played with anything. I can’t tell if he’s bored with our selection of toys, or is simply in some really weird phase of being needy and clingy. Seriously, the minute I make a move to prepare a meal in the kitchen, Sam begins screaming his head off, demanding to be picked up and held, or is a puddle at my feet grabbing my legs and screaming bloody murder.

…also throws epic (EPIC) tantrums about having his diaper changed, getting dressed, walking across the parking lot at Ry’s preschool (he wants to walk alone without holding my hand or being carried), and hearing the word no to something that he asks for (typically a food item- like when he asks for a sucker for breakfast).

…loves picking up Ry from preschool. He adores watching through the window as all the kids play outside, and when it’s time for pick-up Sam waltzes right into the classroom and shouts out RY GUY! Thankfully Ry’s teacher is wonderful and understanding about this brotherly love:)

Overall the dude’s gotten much fiestier, independent, and bull-headed, but when he’s in a good mood (like he was tonight) he is charming, adorable, and sweet. Tonight he giggled at the rubbery toy spider, shouted Happy Valentine’s! numerous times, asked Gma, Gpa, Mommy and Daddy for lots of kisses, and even ATE A FEW BITES OF PIZZA. He hates pizza.

drinking out of a real cup is cool

Ryan wanted to hold you when you were sick, Sam, because you were “calm and peaceful and just sitting there not being wiggly”

feeling under the weather at the nature center…

…perked up a bit upon seeing the ‘nakes!