So, in less than a month the youngest will be a two year old. Crazy! Maybe it’s a youngest-kid thing, but Sam still seems more babyish than Ryan did at this age.

Sam, on the brink of two, at 23 months…

…is cute no matter what he’s doing. Unless it’s one of those fling myself upon the floor wailing tantrums, but even those are pretty amusing if you look at it objectively:)

…does Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Sort of sings Itsy Bitsy Spider (except it’s Ipsy Fider). Likes to be sung ‘row boat’ and ‘baby’- but only by me- before bed. He doesn’t request songs from anyone else putting him to bed. Still loves music class, and loves playing with Ryan’s guitar.

…loves stomping in puddles wearing rain boots and getting wet and dirty. Loves digging in mud or sand. Will notice something nasty lying on the sidewalk and will have to stop and tell us all about it. And then will have to stomp on the item.

…is obsessed with snacking. He’ll fling open the cupboard any time of day and will help himself to something. And then when you tell him no snack now (because it’s been 3 minutes since finishing breakfast) he will proceed to fling himself on the floor and throw a fit. He likes to eat anything sweet… fruit strips, raisins, prunes, cereal bars, cookies, M&Ms…yeah.

…doesn’t eat much meat. Loves soup, because he loves to drink the broth out of his bowl. Also loves cereal with milk for this same reason, only he doesn’t eat the cereal. Will completely destroy a PB&J in order to lick every speck of J off the bread. Will not eat a burger of any kind to save his life.

…adores big brother Ry Guy, and is presently obsessed with having mommy do everything. (omg yes another one please tell me no.)

…started parent/child swim class a couple weeks ago. Did NOT love it. He was in the pool with daddy the first week and spent the entire class whimpering for mommy who was watching from across the pool. This week mommy went in, and it went better, but he still didn’t love it. He DID, however, love the slide into the pool at the end of class. Also loves jumping off the side of a pool to mommy or daddy (MOMMY) over and over and over again.

…loves talking on the phone. If I’m on the phone with someone he insists upon saying hi. And it’s completely cute because he gets on the phone with an enthusiastic HI! followed by the person’s name.

…loves picking Ryan up from preschool. He says Ry’s teacher’s name now when we get there, and he walks right up to the doorway and stands there expecting to get greeted by the teacher!

…loves bugs, spiders, snakes, rubbery squishy balls, balloons.

…likes to choose his own socks.

Pretty light on photos this month. These were all either taken by Ryan or the iphone.

Ryan elicits the best faces from this dude when he takes his picture…

was sick, fell asleep on daddy

more sleeping

role reversal

exploring a fountain at Como