Even if I was crafty enough, creative enough, talented enough, organized enough, and willing to take the time to throw a completely coordinated themed birthday party (you know the ones- the ones you see on Pinterest where you wonder who exactly goes to the trouble to make every last detail coordinate with every other last detail), I would not be able to pull it off. Because these dudes pictured above? They don’t roll with just ONE theme for their birthdays. Oh no no no.

April is the big birthday month for us. During initial planning stages Ryan and I thought Sam might like to have a loader (excavator. digger.) birthday. So then Ry decided HE wanted a loader birthday, too. A couple weeks later we decided that Sam likes spiders just a leeetle bit more than he likes loaders, so we decided Sam should have a spider birthday. You know the drill; Ryan then changed his mind to have a spider birthday as well. Which actually works nicely because Ryan will be having his first ever kid party- at a nature center.

Turns out, Party City doesn’t carry any birthday supplies for a spider (well, BUG) party. Neither does Target. Nor does anywhere have supplies that go along with a nature center theme. And I refuse to order paper plates online. So, wee Sam who’s turning two on Friday will be having a bug-themed birthday party, celebrated on Easter, with a spider/bug topped cake, butterfly plates, and butterfly/flower napkins.

Ryan, whose birthday comes later in the month, will be sending out African safari invites to his birthday party at the nature center, at which treats will be eaten off of Thomas the Train plates, cups and napkins. I dare to wonder what he’s going to want on his cake, aside from the magic candles of course.