This morning, lying in bed with me: “Mommy! My hands are bigger than they were yesterday. Look how big my hands are! See, they’re bigger!”

After watching a slideshow of his preschool: “E (girl in his class) is really cute. But Y (another girl) is cuter! E is cute but Y is the cutest one in the class!”

While discussing yoga poses based on animals, Ryan gets on his hands and feet with his bottom in the air, makes a PPPssSSSSssssss noise, and exclaims, “that’s the skunk pose!”

After our old fireplace and hearth were demo’d the other day, Ry stares in awe at the gaping hole in our wall and says “This just…SEEMS…like it’s all a dream! I can’t BELIEVE it!”

After finding his bike helmet in a parking lot after days of it being lost, he exclaims “daddy is going to be SO IMPRESSED that I found my bike helmet!”