Sam turned two on April 6th. It was an exciting day because Daddy had the day off, the sun was out, and we got to hang out as a family all day! The day started off with haircuts for Sam and Ryan, and then a trip to Triangle Park.

Sam loves climbing and going down slides now, so he got in a lot of that action.

He got some swinging in too.

The park was a lot of fun, and then we decided to go out for a birthday lunch. It was a sunny day, we were seated outside, the food was good, but the service was sLoW and the kids’ meals were NINE DOLLARS and the whole experience just wasn’t that, ahem, fun. So no pictures exist of the birthday lunch itself (sorry Sam), but here is a picture of the birthday boy waiting ever so patiently for daddy to pay the bill. This is a famous Sam face, showing that he’s about to say NO to something.

Later that day after nap we hung out in the yard and Sam opened his presents from us. Mommy and Daddy gave Sam two books- ‘Maisy Cleans Up’ and a spider book,

a stuffed tarantula, which Sam immediately petted, hugged, and called “ipsy fider” (and then made everyone else lovingly hug as well),

and a motorcyle. Which as you can see from this picture, was a huge flop for the birthday boy. I think he’s sat on it about 5 seconds total since he’s had it. I wanted to return it, but Pat said he’d rather swallow the $19.99 price to NOT have to take it apart to return it.

The boys played outside while I made tacos for dinner (a meal that sort of seems like one of Sam’s faves?).

(the ‘2’ shirt- same one Ryan wore!)

After dinner the big moment had finally arrived- the singing and cupcake eating! Sam of course wanted to scarf a cupcake the minute he saw them upon waking up from his nap, so this had been a long-awaited moment for the new two year old. He LOVED it when we sang happy birthday to him- and he sang right along of course- and REALLY loved blowing out those two candles. So much so that we had to do the whole thing TWICE!

Here are some shots of him in the midst of singing happy birthday to himself.

(the banner- recycled from last year’s birthday decor. I just swapped out the pics for more recent ones. This banner also doubles as bedroom decor!)

It was a great birthday day, Sammy! I think Sam had a great time on his 2nd birthday. He adored all the attention, presents, singing, and cupcake eating. Can’t believe he’s TWO.