Easter morning the boys woke up to a note from the Easter bunny, a chomp taken out of the carrot that was left out, and two hidden baskets. (This year, the Easter bunny brought socks and underwear, spiderman plates, applesauce, crunch eggs, malted milk eggs, peeps, jellybeans, and yogurt raisins.

Sam was all about the candy. He would have eaten it all in one sitting if we had let him.

We hosted an Easter brunch at our house, which doubled as Sam’s birthday celebration. It was a bug-themed 2nd birthday Easter party! (And on the brunch menu was a kale/butternut squash bread pudding, ham, Baker’s wife rolls, fruit, salad, and mimosas).

A little Mighty Machines viewing while waiting for the party to start…

a little mimosa (sans the champagne) in a sippy

playing with Brynn

bug cake!! that would be chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, crushed chocolate teddy grahams as the dirt, and plastic critters

my handsome birthday boy. Sam loved being the center of attention and hearing everyone finally singing Happy GOOEY! to him.

he also did great at blowing out his candles.

…and opening his gifts

that booster seat was one of his gifts

Next up was an egg hunt (and family photo!)

Oh, and later Pat tried explaining to my mom what apps are. I had to break the news that you can’t walk into a store and buy an app:) [[ETA, this woman just bought an IPAD.]]

A couple more cute ones of the birthday boy…

Happy birthday, Sam! Your Easter/Bug/2nd Birthday fiesta was a fun success!