On Ryan’s 5th birthday morning he had preschool and we were invited to come for his birthday celebration. In his Montessori classroom they have a very special ceremony where the birthday child gets to walk around a globe while carrying a candle, once for every year of his life. The rest of the kids sing a sweet little song. Ryan’s teacher had put together a birthday book for him, with a photograph of Ryan at each age of his life up to age five. We had sent in the photos, and then the teacher transcribed a note under each photo that Ryan had dictated. At the end of the ceremony, everyone ate strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream as the birthday treat. It was a sweet and special little celebration, and I felt really lucky to be there to participate in it.

Ryan was over the moon to have Sam there at school with him that morning, introducing him to kids, showing him how to wash his hands, and sitting right next to him at the celebration. I think Sam was even more over the moon though, given how much he adores Ryan’s teacher and seems really eager to be an active participant in the classroom! He got to come outside with the kids for recess, and then lined up with everyone at the end. So sweet.


The rest of our day was pretty laid back. After Sam’s nap Sammy gave Ryan a present- a new remote control truck. (Ry had gotten an RC car for Christmas from Santa, which had gotten broken during a scuffle with a neighbor friend.) Ryan LOVED the gift, and so the boys immediately started RCing on the sidewalks. In the evening, Pat told Ry to close his eyes and he’d bring out his present from us. So hard to wait patiently with one’s eyes closed when you’re just five!! We surprised Ry with a new bigger bike, bright blue at that- his favorite color. It was a hit. Even I got in on that action.