After the nature center 5th birthday, we had all of our family over for dinner and cake that evening. One of Ry’s fave meals is burgers, so that’s what Pat grilled. The boy cuzzies sat in the kitchen with some of the uncles, and we had some interesting decor going on because our fireplace was torn up in preparation for the new built-ins and stone.

Ryan insisted on a Thomas the Train cake for his 5th birthday, even though his infatuation with Thomas has pretty much left the building. He wanted the exact same cake that Sam had, except he wanted blue frosting, sprinkles, and Thomas. I took some small Thomas pieces from this toy they have, and voila, cake decor! (This is now my go-to traditional chocolate cake, minus the ganache. It is really easy, uses basic ingredients, and is so good!) Ryan was really excited about lighting up the candles and blowing them out- he was pretty proud of his cake that he helped make and frost.

Gifts received this year: Thomas swim trunks/swim shirt, motorcycle swim trunks/swim shirt, lego sets galore, new bike (mom and dad), remote control truck (Sam), giant Hulk fists, and…basically I can’t remember what else and this is what happens when I wait two months to post about something.

Thanks again to Kim for taking some of these.