My trip to Spain, in a word, was AWESOME.

Many adjectives come to mind when I attempt to describe how incredible this trip was, but words do not do justice to the experience that I was so lucky to have with my friend Jen in Spain. So many things miraculously aligned to make this vacation possible for me. I still feel in awe that it happened! I must extend my thanks and gratitude to the following people, because without them I never could have pulled this off: 1.) Carrie B., for doing a TRIATHLON in Mallorca; 2.) Jen, for being muy spontaneous with me; 3.) my parents, for spending three days at our house to ease the blow of me being back home; 4.) my boys, for adjusting so well to nine days without mommy and having a blast with daddy, and, most importantly; 5.) Pat, for agreeing to me going on this trip, willingly taking a week off work to be home with the boys, and just being a great person all around. Love you!!

So, I took a lot of pictures between my SLR and the iphone. The next time I go to Europe I will most definitely be purchasing a wide angle lens because the 50mm just does not cut it for travel photography. I’m really pleased with the quality of the pictures from the iphone. One could definitely travel with just that and return with plenty of beautiful photographic memories. I have some posts in the works for Jen’s blog, which I’ll probably just repost here. In the meantime, here is a little preview of the trip.

(Jen, no doubt sighing.)

(There were a lot of mirrored elevators. So we have many a borracha picture like this. There was a LOT of laughing going down on this viaje, an amount of laughing that I had not experienced in a very long time.)