One of the things Jen and I were most looking forward to during our trip to Spain was visiting Segovia. Back in 1998, Segovia was the town that we called home from January to May of that year. Thankfully it’s a quick and easy day trip from Madrid. We chose to take the bus, which was a comfortable and scenic ride of about an hour and fifteen minutes.

I had butterflies in my stomach as the bus pulled into town, so excited was I to be back! We stepped off the bus into bright sunshine, puffy white clouds, and a bit of a chill in the breezy air. We stopped here first- la Iglesia de San Millan- to catch our figurative breaths and try to process the fact that we were actually THERE.

We then continued up the street, pointing out every single insignificant thing and place that we remembered. Such as this conveniently located cafe…

By this time we had a terrific view of the acueducto, and we proceeded to gaze upon it from every possible angle.

Over this way is the neighborhood where Jen and I lived with our host families.

After getting up close and personal with our acueducto, we strolled past the doorways of our host homes, and then came back down to the aqueduct to try and get a reservation here. It was Spain’s Labor Day that day, so there were scads of people everywhere. Thankfully we were successful in reserving ourselves a table for lunch. More on that in a future post.

After our lunch date with el cochinillo, we wandered up Calle Real…

[Pit stop at La Luna, our favorite bar from ’98. Unfortch it was locked. (Trust me, we were SO ready for a cuba libre and a little Mmm Bop.)]

At the Plaza Mayor we looked around a bit,

and then toured the catedral.

Next we stopped at a fave park, soaked up some rays, and Jen did some yoga.

We continued on to the Alcázar, where we climbed up a narrow twisty stairway with other tourists to check out the view from the top. Awe-inspiring, still.

We were freezing by this point, so we took a break at a cafe for some warm beverages and pasteles. We also walked to our old school, took another rest there, and then checked out the acueducto from the other side before wandering back to the bus station for our ride back to Madrid.

I’m aware I’m redundant and quite unoriginal with my adjectives, but the day was awesome. Such fun to wander the streets and remember study abroad times.