Now, I don’t know a whole lot about fashion trends and how/where they begin, but doesn’t it seem like Europe may be a good barometer for what we may see coming down the fashion pike in the near future? Those euro fashionistas (men and women) always look elegant and put together. They take pride in how they look all the time- no schlumpadinka for them.

Which is why I was amazed and appalled at a fashion trend that I noticed almost immediately upon getting off the plane in Spain. Unsure how to even describe this trend, I will let this image do the talking:


This look was everywhere. And it looked good on NO ONE. Can anyone explain this frightening look? People aren’t wearing this here, are they? Dear god, two days after I returned from my trip I saw this girl at the park.

Another thing I noted was no one was wearing leggings (aren’t they still all the rage here?), but many women were sporting tights and pantyhose, of various colors and prints.

Just what we need is pantyhose to make a resurgence.