I get the feeling that the only two people reading these remaining Spain posts are Jen and I.

Quite frankly, that does not bother me. I readily admit I like to live vicariously through my own blog posts. And it must be my lucky day, because I have one more post in me!

After our epic meal of cochinillo asado, we were stuffed. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Segovia and checking out all our favorite sights. The day seemed to get chillier and windier as it wore on, and we were in the mood for a soul-warming café con leche after our tour of the catedral. We stopped at an old favorite, Café Jeyma, and enjoyed a rest from our wandering.

Later on, we returned to the Plaza Mayor in search of some pasteles. No trip to Segovia would be complete without sampling a few sweets from a pastelería. We took our pasteles over to Café Juan Bravo, and with an exceptional view of the catedral, enjoyed a final café con leche and chocolate in Segovia. That chocolate- that you can eat with a spoon- hit the spot.

Jen, window shopping for some pasteles

As if all this food wasn’t enough, that night when we returned to Madrid we went out to our favorite little restaurant, and ordered enough food to fill seven plates.