I hope this guy never stops saying cute things. Because he cracks me up!

This doozy of a conversation took place just this morning, after he crawled in bed with me at 6:30am.

Ryan: Let’s talk about which uncle is the funniest.

Me: Okay. There’s Tom, Troy, Casey, and Jim. I think Jim is the funniest! He’s the funniest for grown-ups, but maybe not for kids.

Ryan: Troy! Troy’s the funniest because he wrestles with me and Brady.

Me: Brady can probably do some good wrestling with that special arm of his.

Ryan: Yeah. If Bigfoot walked into Brady’s house, Brady could just punch Bigfoot out the door with his arm.


(Back to the uncles…) Ryan: Jim doesn’t have a real work, Mommy.

Me: Jim works.

Ryan: Yeah, he does. But it’s not real work like daddy’s.

Me: Jim’s work is to decide what color people should paint their walls and to choose their furniture and stuff. That sounds like WAY MORE FUN WORK than what daddy does.

Ryan: If I were picking a color (referring back to a convo we had about when Sam gets a big boy room and whether or not we’ll be painting it a new color) I would pick a RED room for my walls.

Me: Daddy and I wouldn’t let you choose red, so it’s good you have a blue room.

Ry: Why wouldn’t you let me have a red room??

Me: Because we don’t like red rooms in our house.


Ry: I had a scary dream about monsters all in our house, and I woke up and ran right up here because I was scared a monster was going to get me.

Ry: I had a dream that Torii (grandma and grandpa’s dog) lost some of her hair. A fireman had to come and he glued more hair on. It wasn’t really a fireman, mommy. It was just Grandpa Bob dressed up like a fireman.

Another convo from a few days ago, after Sam had taken his syrupy pancake fork and combed his hair with it:

Me: Sam, your hair is all snarly now. You put syrup in it with your fork and now it hurts to comb it out. Look at Ryan- Ryan didn’t comb his hair with his fork, so his hair is easy to comb out.

Ryan: MOMMY. It’s okay- Sam’s a toddler! They just DO those kinds of things!