These warm summer evenings remind me how much I miss walking. It’s not that I never walk- some nights after the kids go to bed I’ll take a walk by myself, or I’ll meet a friend for a stroll now and then. But I miss a consistent, daily walk. I also miss the spontaneous walk that turns up when you’re outside and suddenly feel like walking around the block. Getting these kids of mine (particularly, the eldest) to take a walk is like pulling teeth.  “Going for a walk” has become a trigger phrase for Ryan, whereupon hearing it causes him to immediately erupt into whining and adamant refusal do it. Sometimes he’ll ride his bike while I walk, but the novelty of that has worn off. So I’ve decided to get sneaky with them, and am trying to come up with ways to breathe new life into what they must see as a dreary old boring walk. We’ll do a scavenger hunt now and then, or a hunt for fun objects walk where they carry buckets and deposit interesting things into them. Those kinds of walks get to be high maintenance with the pieces of paper and the buckets, though. So I’ve come up with a new idea: pajama walk.

Our first pajama walk took place in April, on a rainy Sunday when we all needed to get out of the house but the mere suggestion of A WALK would have resulted in two children melted down onto the floor. However, the idea of wearing one’s feety pajamas AND wearing rain boots and then leaving the house for a walk? Let’s do it!

(I really liked the pictures I took that morning, hence the large number I’m posting!)

The other evening it was gorgeous out, and the boys had taken an early bath and were in their jammies early. I knew I wasn’t going to get out on a walk because Pat was out of town, so I suggested another pajama walk and they were immediately on board! Ryan was super pumped to ride his bike with his pjs on!

We must be making progress, because on Sunday at about 4:00pm, when it was 92 degrees in the shade with 40mph winds, Ryan INSISTED it was a great time to head out for a walk:)