I kid you not- the following are actual things that have occurred in my summer-vacationing household in the past few weeks. Feel free to keep these ideas in your back pocket- you never know when summer boredom might hit!

Taste-Testing Condiments
One afternoon, while cleaning out the refrigerator, I asked Ry if he wanted to taste a little bit of everything in our fridge door. He could not believe Mommy would suggest such a thing, so he readily agreed. And what do you know, that kid tried EVERYTHING we had, including Sriracha sauce, hot wings sauce, worchestershire sauce, mayo, olive juice, and ground flax seed.

His hands down favorite? Hershey’s syrup.

Trying on All Your Underwear at the Same Time
The other day Ryan came upstairs to find me and asked “mommy, what would happen if I tried all my underwear on at the same time?” And I said um, I do not know. It would be uncomfortable? And then he asked me if he could do it, and I said yeah I guess. And then he asked if he could do it right then, and I said sure go for it. Sure enough, just a moment later he appeared in my bathroom looking like this:

I don’t know if this gives the full effect. Here’s a live action shot of him removing each pair. There were FIFTEEN pairs on at the same time.

“Hey Ry, what gave you the idea to try on all your underwear anyway?”

“Oh, I had a dream about it last night. Max and I both did it.”

(resulting pile)
(It occurs to me that I should perhaps not be posting pictures of my son dressed like this on the internet. But I figure since he’s wearing fifteen pairs, it’s okay:)

Wearing Your Carseat Like a Turtle Shell Whilst Talking on the Phone to Grandma

The car seat from Pat’s car was in the basement. Ryan came down and strapped himself into it while I was on the phone with my mom. Then he wanted to talk to Grandma. As he’s chatting with grandma in the carseat, he gets a little excited and the car seat tips over backwards, legs flailing in the air.

Upon being rescued, he begins crawling around on the floor, with the carseat on his back, while still talking to grandma on the phone.


And speaking of turtles! You know how Joe Mauer is the face of Kemps Milk? Ryan was staring at the carton one morning and exclaims “Mommy! There’s Joe Mauer drinking a glass of milk. With a turtle on his head!”