On Friday ‘Our Baby’ paid us his first visit. His real name is Max, but any offspring of ‘Our Annie’ will have to be known as ‘Our Baby’, so there ya go. Back in the end of May, Pat’s sister Ann and her husband Casey welcomed this little sweetheart into their lives,

(and I had an out-of-body moment of seeing what it would be like to have three boys)

We are ever so thrilled to have a new nephew and cousin in our family, and since there is another Max cousin on the other side of the family, we now get MaxSquared! Ryan and I were discussing how to distinguish the two. I suggested Baby Max and Big Max. Or Max One and Max Two. But Ryan suggested using their ages to tell them apart, making the infant Max Zero and the kid Max 5.

On Friday the new family stopped by on their way from St. Peter, MN to Warroad, MN, where they were stopping over for the night before then heading on to …. I don’t know where exactly- Lake of the Woods? Somewhere in Canada they are going, with a NEWBORN, for a week, at a cabin where you have to load your stuff into a boat and BOAT in. With a NEWBORN. I still haven’t decided yet if I think they are crazy or awesome for doing this! In hindsight though, travels with a newborn when they just sleep and lay there all the time? Probably much easier than travels with a toddler, etc. I can’t wait to hear about this trip!

Ryan adores holding baby cousins. Doesn’t like it so much when they cry though.

My boys were also super impressed that Baby Max has his very own Bluey!