It’s been a long time coming…

(first photo evidence of Sam’s papis obsession- 10 days old)

… but we are officially a papis-free household!

As of Tuesday night when Sam misplaced his last of the last papis and had to go to bed without one, we have said bye bye papis for good. There’s not really been any drama. We didn’t wrap them all up and gift them to a new baby. We didn’t package them up and hand deliver them to the garbage man. We just let Sam’s papis obsession run its course. And obsession it was- he wanted that thing in his mouth ALL the time. He had recently started chewing and biting on them, creating holes that were so disturbing he wouldn’t want to suck on them. He’s been losing them left and right, throwing them all over the house, dropping one in the toilet. They’ve been slowly disappearing over the last few months. We knew the time was coming; I refused to buy more. I’ve been telling Sam that soon the papis would be gone, that he’s a big boy now and doesn’t need them anymore.

So Tuesday night after dinner the papis went missing. And since I was heading out to yoga, I quickly wished daddy best of luck and ran out the door as fast as I could. He did fine that first night, and since has still been mentioning papis now and then. He’s also developed a lovely scream-for-mommy routine at naptime and sometimes bedtime. He’s not even screaming for the pacifier, it’s like he’s not sure what exactly is wrong, is learning how to fall asleep without it, and just needs a little parental support along the way.

Anyway, chalk this up to one more step away from babyhood and one giant leap toward big-boyhood. (sniff)

his final night sleeping with papis- i just happened to take a picture that night.

final day with papis…they enjoyed various car rides, a trip to the grocery store, and one last nap together

Today on the phone grandma asked Sam about papis, and he said “might find it”. He’s also told a few people “no papis anymore.”

I’ll close with a papis montage. So many memories…

(such a bad boy here with his motorcycle, tatt, and papis)