Didn’t he just turn two?

At 27 months, he’s much older and wiser than he was at just 24 months. Now that the paci’s out of here, he’s talking up a storm. Not that he wasn’t verbal before, but there are many more opportunities to speak whereas before there was always a papis to suck on instead of communicate.

Sam wants to be heard, and enjoys telling people things that happen in his day. If you try adding on to the story or helping him along in any way, he’ll put up his hand in front of you and say “NO MOMMY. NO TALKING.” He loves to repeat anything and everything that Ryan says, which often results in entire meals spent at the table hearing nothing more than the words ‘pooted!’ ‘tooted!’ ‘pooped!’ He likes singing songs- faves include Twinkle Twinkle, Rock a Bye Baby, and the Hello/Goodbye song from Music Together. He’ll surprise us by busting out in a song we had no idea he knew. He’s at the age where pretty much anything he says is adorable- the awe and excitement for every little thing right now is precious. Oh, and he knows exactly what his brown loader t-shirt says on it: ‘liddle dirt won’t hurt!”

He’s a lover of athletics…catch with any type of ball, tball, basketball, football. We’ve never shown him anything about hockey or golf, but apparently he was able to figure those sports out himself by taking a mallet and whapping a ball all around the house with it.

He LOVES swimming, and is completely fearless when it comes to the water. He’ll jump in over his head, go underwater no problem, and come back up again laughing. So far this summer he’s been ‘swimming’ at Nokomis and Harriet beaches, Park Point in Duluth, Alden Lake (where he went in off the pontoon in the middle of the lake with a life jacket on), and various pools. He’s notorious for drinking the water in all of his swimming holes, including the bathtub.

Sam will still happily play alone if big brother isn’t around. Outside, Sam can be found picking at the mulch, throwing landscaping pebbles through the fence, riding around on his motorcycle, or drenching himself with the hose. Lately the two brothers have really developed a knack for interactively playing with each other. When Ryan finishes eating Sam will immediately announce that he’s done, FULL NOW MOMMY!, and then will inevitably say something cute like “Ry Guy, go downstairs to fort play blue track, O-KAAAAY???” and off they go running and PLAY TOGETHER. Ryan loves it that Sam always wants to play with him, because that kid and independent play? Not so much.

This guy continues to have a sweet tooth. LOVES fruit (berries, very much), loves ice cream, popsicles, the frosting off cupcakes, suckers, etc. Has an ultra adorable way of saying blueberries that sounds like ‘bluburries’. He’s obsessed with snacks just like big bro, and will pant like a dog waiting for a fruit strip or a cereal bar. Is also ultra-obsessed with gummy vitamins.

He still likes loaders and any type of machinery. Thinks it’s the best thing in the world when a motorcycle drives by. Will identify a Honda Element anywhere we go.

Sam sleeps with his bluey blankey and now Curious George. The former is a new addition since the relinquishing of papis. At bedtime now Sam listens to stories in Ryan’s bed, then he sings Rock a Bye Baby to himself while being held like a baby in front of his crib. Once he’s laid down, bluey goes over the top of him, he hugs Curious with his left arm, and then whoever’s putting him to bed gives him finger kisses on his face. We’ve had to do a little extra shooshing/face patting/bedroom re-entry since papis has been gone, but overall he’s handling the transition fine.

(he also loves shucking corn)

Sam, you’re a fun-loving, happy little boy. Keep up the super duper two year old work!