Last week Ry finished up his final week of the summer program that we had signed him up for at his preschool. Since I was a loser and forgot to take a picture of him on his last ‘official’ day of preschool in May, I made sure to capture the moment last Thursday instead.

I had to get a photo of this. Our morning ritual getting out of the car. I’d open his door, hook his backpack onto the door lock, and he’d climb out and grab it.

(the outfit. I know.)

continuing with the ritual…walking in (frequent drama occurred here as boys fought about opening the heavy doors BY THEMSELVES. EVERY DAY.)

At pickup, these two would play a little game where they’d sit on this radiator, and I’d keep walking out pretending I was leaving. And then Sam would tell me to say “bye Sammy!” Then they’d get up and run…

to this spot in the corner. They’d sit there a moment, and then would come tearing up behind me.

leaving… (always more drama as we exit when Sam insists upon waiting until the handicap doors close so that HE can hit the buttons to open them. There he is in the background trying to get the door to close so that he can go back in and hit the button.)

We have some great memories of Ryan’s experiences at preschool. It’s bittersweet to know that this phase of his and our lives are ending, while a whole new one is unfolding in the form of elementary school. Four weeks from right now he will have finished day one of kindergarten. Craziness.