For the second year in a row, Pat packed up our children and a load of gear and headed north to Duluth last weekend for a little camping and grandparent time. Just like last year, I baked some Million Dollar Cookies for the boys’ weekend, and sent them merrily on their way.

And then I rapidly melted into my weekend of ALONE TIME!!!

Which included the perfect mix of fun, relaxation, and productivity.

On Friday, after they left, I went through the house picking up crap. Stripped all the beds. Started the laundry. Cleaned up the kitchen and swept floors. Took an uninterrupted and pleasant shower. Got ready (which included hair blow-dry- I mentioned this last year too, haha!). It was a gorgeously pleasant warm summer day, so I enjoyed a leisurely ride with sunroof open to meet Jen for an awesome lunch at Harriet Brasserie. We followed up with pedicures. Then I went home and did some things that involved the internet, the newspaper, more laundry, and bathroom cleaning. I had some dinner- in the living room, in front of the TV nonetheless!- and then met a friend to walk around the lake. After chatting in the backyard till the mosquitos came out, I came in for the night and sanded our porch floor at 10pm.

I have to say, probably the most pleasant thing about a weekend home alone is not having to follow any type of schedule whatsoever. Eating meals whenever I want to, in any location I want to is so freeing! Also, eating a meal in its entirety without ever having to GET UP to get something, is also freeing! My other favorite thing about a weekend alone is the lollygagging upon waking up. Reading in bed. Sitting around the living room with some newspaper or internet or TV.  NOT immediately running into the kitchen to prepare breakfasts. Heavenly.

Saturday, I slept in till 7:30- an hour more of sleep than I usually get. I did some intense lollygagging, and then met up with family friends who asked me to snap some photos of them at the rose garden. Beautiful morning for it, if I do say so myself. After that I treated myself to a jamon serrano con manchego sandwich from France 44, and then took it home and ate it at the highly unusual time of 1:30pm! Then I vacuumed and scrubbed the porch floor. I went to the hardware store for paint supplies and Michael’s for some framing. When I got home I primed the porch, ate dinner in front of the TV, did some more laundry and bed-making, and then I watched a movie (The Descendants.)

an iphone collage! l-r: porch floor before, my bocadillo, framing, and porch floor after

Sunday I did some more enjoyable morning lollygagging, watched some Olympics and whatnot. I painted the porch floor, made some gazpacho, planned the night’s dinner, and then when out shopping to a few places. Unfortunately I had to end my outing with an obligatory trip to Target for real-world necessities. The crew got back home about 5:00pm, and we all had a lovely reunion during which Ryan re-capped all the fun he had while camping and desperately wanted to know WHY I don’t like to camp. Meanwhile, Sam retaliated after a weekend of being away from me by throwing a fit at the front door and refusing to enter the house.

Ryan didn’t come back with any photos this year, but he did tell me many of the camping highlights. Such as…this year he didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee in the weeds. Daddy let him have a s’more in the morning after breakfast. And TWO juice boxes! AND a cookie, at breakfast. Uncle Tom, Max and Ryan walked to the beach, but Daddy and Kim drove. Ryan and Max swam for 3 HOURS! AND WHY DON’T YOU LIKE CAMPING MOMMY, IT’S SO FUN???!!! I WANT TO CAMP WITH YOU!

Trust me Ry, I think we all have more fun if I’m not there:)