A random smattering of some of our recent summer fun. (Also, I’m drinking a summer shandy right now.)

Enjoying homemade watermelon pops.

We have another mini bicyclist on our hands. Although he prefers his motorcycle.

Watching bike races with Daddy.

Looka me!! I’m a digger man!

This sweet piano is a new outdoor addition at a nearby music store. (Ry’s friend, Sam, Ry)

Heading downtown on the LRT.

Macy’s bathroom.

standing in the kiddie pool together.

eggplant. from the CSA.

Sam is completely obsessed with any motorcycle or scooter. He wants to walk around to any parked two wheeled vehicle and check them out. We were taking a walk and saw this shiny red number, and the owner let the boys sit down and honk the horn. Definite highlight of this afternoon!