A few weeks ago the boys and I were in Duluth for a special outing entitled A Day Out with Thomas the Train. Yes, add this to the list of ‘kid things that sound awful that I never thought I’d do.’ Ryan was really eager to do this, even though he’d given up his love of Thomas awhile back.

I went in a bit skeptical, but it turned out to be a really fun event that the kids loved. The high price tag for a ticket was redeemed by the fact that you got to not only enjoy the Thomas-y themed stuff like bouncy house and tattoos, but you also gained admission to the Duluth train Depot. The boys LOVED walking amidst all the old trains and crawling around inside train cars and pretending they were conductors.

these bubbles…I think it was supposed to be a bubble machine, but something went wrong and it resulted in a huge mountain of bubbles everywhere. Sam LOVED this.

We were having so much fun exploring the old trains that we nearly missed our scheduled train ride on Thomas himself. Being late is NEARLY UNHEARD OF when you are with Grandma Karen.