All summer we’ve been working on transforming our living room space into something more updated, fresh, and usable. We are really slow when it comes to moving forward with large projects like this, so for the end to finally be in sight for this room- it’s very exciting indeed.

Assisting us through this whole project- or rather, driving the bus of this entire project- is my marvelous brother in law Jim who has a very keen sense of style and works as a designer in Chicago. Through the miracle that is the iphone, we have been able to communicate on a daily basis in order to touch base with one another as his visions for our living room come to life through my installation of furniture and shopping trips around town.

Not only was Jim a terrific advisor on everything design-related, but I also counted on him for daily LOL moments as we were in the thick of pulling together our living room.

The weekend I worked on sanding and painting the porch floor I got this advice: (blue bubbles are mine)

Here’s a shopping trip I was on at HomeGoods. I think I was shopping for baskets, and maybe picture frames or something.

In case you can’t read that inspirational plaque-

Later that weekend, I get this text, showing the exact same phrase on another inspirational plaque that Jim ran across while in St. Louis.

Here we are arguing about how to frame and hang some family photos…

Finally, the new sofa has arrived! I live-texted the whole thing to Jim so he could be part of the moment.

Note at the bottom how he offers to bring WINE over? He’s always good for that. And lattes too.

Can’t wait to share how our living room has been transformed in a future post!