It’s time again to record some of the funnies coming out of the mouths of my kids. Sam has been experimenting with some nuances of language that he must hear often, but doesn’t quite yet know what they mean. Such as…

“I have that, just in case.”

Actually…ACTually, I need more milk.”

He’s been experimenting with time with time words too…”yesterday bluey fell in the dirt”. Also “maybe have a gummy thing tomorrow“. It’s funny that Ryan notices Sam’s language experimentation. He makes sure to tell me that “Sam doesn’t even know what tomorrow means, mommy!”

Sam is still obsessed with construction vehicles and worker men. After I put him to bed one night I heard him talking to himself: “a worker guy, ummm, a worker guy, yeah, load dirt. a garbage truck. a worker guy, a worker guy, worker go do dis.”

He’s also getting into storytelling. If you ask him to tell you a story, he’ll either tell this one:  “Grandma drop plates and forks and napkins. HAHAHAHA!” or this one: “A dump truck load trees, and rocks, and poopy pants. HAHAHAHAHA!”

Then there’s Ry Guy. I get excited when he says something funny, because at the age of 5 he’s pretty much a grammar professional by now.

Last week we had lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Once we were seated Ry exclaimed, “This is the NICEST restaurant I’ve ever been in, mommy! It’s so FANCY!”

Ryan says he’s going to be a worker guy when he grows up. As in, a construction worker guy.

At the park the other day I was digging a hole in the sand and said I was going to dig to China. He was incredulous; “could we really dig to China?”

It’s hayfever season around our house. Both Ryan and I have been sneezing our heads off. Not only has this caused Sam to announce “bless you!” upon hearing a sneeze from anywhere in the house (or a cough, OR a yawn), but has also taught me a thing or two about how I sound when I sneeze. After what was apparently a particularly loud sneeze on my part, Ry says “Why are you so ANGRY when you sneeze?”

We went to the fair yesterday, and Ry was right next to me as I ordered the ‘small cone’ of Sweet Martha’s cookies. Our cone was overloaded- it was towering and toppling with cookies. As I carefully carried it back to where Pat and Sam were waiting, Ryan runs ahead and shouts “UNBELIEVABLE!!!”

And finally, the kindergarten chatter. “I’m going to kindergarten, and I’ll ONLY be home SATURDAY and SUNDAY???”

“You and daddy are dropping me off? What will THE TEACHER think of that?”

“Why did you need to write my name on my lunch bag? I’m sure no one else will have this same one.” (yeah right!)

“Daddy told me all the cool kids sit in the back of the bus.” [remind me to schedule a chat with daddy. my baby is going to sit in the front seat!]