We all hit up the fair this year again. Arrived a little before 9:00, and were outta there by 1:00 I think. The first thing we did was Ye Olde Mill, followed by the paper cone filled with Sweet Martha’s Cookies. Ryan couldn’t believe how many cookies they gave us- “unbelievable!”  Immediately after devouring those, we went to the giant slide.

That’s Pat and Sam.

I’m not big into the animal barns, but if I were setting out to visit an animal barn it would typically NOT be the poultry barn, so which was the one and only barn we visited?

The poultry barn also has rabbits. This was Sam’s favorite part. The boys were quite impressed to hear real, live chickens clucking and roosters crowing.

We went to the baby animals barn too, and then had bottomless cups of chocolate milk.

DNR building

Hands down, the highlight of the fair for both kids was sitting on the John Deere tractors.

Right after this we got pronto pups, which Ryan devoured and Sam refused to eat. Both children had meltdowns in regards to the tractors. And Ryan and I waited what seemed an eternity in the hot sun to get through the Little Farm Hands thing (note: avoid that next year), while Pat and Mr. Tantrum waited outside. We left right after that.

Cheers to the fair!