And…October! Here we are. Last time I checked, I had most recently blogged about Ryan’s first day of school and the state fair. Not a lot has gone on since then (unless you count a certain kindergartener coming apart at the seams every waking moment he’s home), but here’s an update nonetheless.

We hit up Jesse James Days the second weekend in September.

We’ve been enjoying some glorious summery fall-ish weather. The leaves are looking lovely around us, and our yard is filling up with it’s usual leaf coverage. I’ve been enjoying many leisurely Sunday walks around lakes with various Jens. (Ryan has actually asked me “Are you going to ALWAYS go on a walk on a Sunday with a JEN?”) Sam’s taken to his balance bike and is already cruising around like a speedy little dude. Ry, Pat and I went ‘mountain biking’ in the dried up riverbed of Minnehaha Creek.

playing in the creek bed

woodlake nature center

Sam and I have been enjoying our mom/littlest boy alone time. We still miss the Ry though, and even after six weeks or however long it’s been since school’s started, Sam still asks EVERY DAY “where Ryan is today mommy?” Sam and I go to music class, and then at home he spends a lot of time wandering around the house with this guitar asking me if I want to strum.

Sam and I do lots of fun stuff together like walk around the block, jump in leaf piles, buy antique chairs (seriously- brought this dude to an antique shop and he was PERFECT!), eat lunch on a plastic fisher price picnic table, check out various parks, etc.

roll-y slide


haircut- he’s super adorbsy squeezing his eyes shut so tight when told to close his eyes.

Then there’s this guy.

This one will forever be a mystery to me. He holds it together all day in school, and then gets home and loses his you-know-what. [Yes, every child goes through this to some degree. Yes, he just started kindy. Yes, he’s comfortable at home and mom always gets the worst of the behavior BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.] I’ll leave it at that, but let’s just say this guy has not been making life enjoyable for any of us the past few weeks.

He’s learning a lot in school though…just look at this artistic genius!

Me? Not much new here. Last week I got to spend half a day utilizing dried up brain cells at a recertification training for my part time job. I’ve been taking lots of walks outside whenever I can. And basically just trying to keep the peace around here;) What’s keeping me going is knowing that in two weeks I embark upon a vacation. With just my husband. Hoo-Ray!

(and if this isn’t the most random disorganized post I don’t know what is.)