Currently into… playing basketball downstairs, riding his balance bike, jumping in leaf piles, sliding into leaf piles, eating snacks, acting goofy with Ryan, piling up blankets/pillows/stuffed animals and making ‘forts’, playing catch.

Attends these activities… Music Together class, ECFE, Friday morning out (3 hours away from home alone). LOVES music class and playing the music at home. Plays guitar and constantly mimics the music class teacher. Does a fine job separating…looks sad for a bit but quickly gets over it. Every time I come to pick him up exclaims MOMMY’S HERE! and comes running. Also likes to walk around the house reassuring himself that “mommies always come back!”

Likes to eat…snacks. Cereal bars. Frozen blueberries. Cinnamon toast with globs of butter. Spicy water. Applesauce. Anything carby and sugary.

Hates to eat…lettuce. Skin of fruit. Any cooked vegetable. Likes to take too big of bites of things, chew it up, gag on it, and then spit it out.

To prove he’s 2.5, Sam… refuses to keep all four chair legs on the floor during mealtime. Constantly stands up in his chair curing mealtime. Mimics everything Ryan says/does. Finds potty talk amusing, and makes up anecdotes about poop and dirty diapers on the fly. Gets mad if he hears ‘no’ too much. Says ‘no’ a lot. Dilly dallies. If angry, will pitch a decent fit, throw shoes, try and hit mommy, bite Ryan, and scream. Knows how to crawl out of his crib (but we’ve been able to reign it in so far, thank goodness.) REFUSES to do anything potty related, unless it’s right before bath. THEN he will use the potty.

Cute things he currently says…”I scared you!” if he doesn’t hear someone coming and gets startled. “That’s a guy in my class”…this could be anyone’s name, or a funny phrase like “uh-oh peanut butter! That’s a guy in my class.” He’s also now into saying “I made it! I got it! I did it!” When it’s time to take off shoes, he says “Need help with my wrappers!” (velcros).

Sweet, funny, lovable…that’s him at 2.5 (most of the time:) He’s a pretty easy-going and flexible guy, our Sam.

This is him coming in for the finish at his first (cyclo cross!) bike race.

Almost there…sticking out tongue for the finish.

A VERY proud daddy, with his cyclo cross racers.

Oh and I can’t end this post without sharing this image.
Sam is obsessed with the mascot of Ryan’s school. (and the poodle. THE POODLE!!!)