Chicken Sam

Pirate Ryan

Message to my children: I love you for choosing to wear the same costumes as last year!! (and by choosing, I mean that I didn’t give you any other choices. So you chose these!)

Recap: Went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the Halloween chili. Ate Dots and Tootsie Pops. Went back home and set out trick or treating around 6:20. Boys did our whole block with me. They were both very excited to keep going from house to house. Sam would shout “where’s the next house?” after receiving candy from each person at the door. After our block, Ryan decided to call it quits and stay home to hand out candy. Sam and Daddy set out for a few more houses. Ryan decided to try two more houses, and he did it all by himself while I manned our candy and monitored him walking across the street alone to trick or treat at two neighbors’ houses. Boys dumped out their loot on the living room floor and ate one piece of candy before bed. Sam is obsessed with his candy and wants to eat all of it.

(Oh yeah, and I’m blogging the month of November. Here we go.)