Things he’s doing right now:

Asks me all the time where I bought different things around the house.

Refuses to wear winter jacket, hat, or mittens.

Rides around on a trike in the basement and says he’s “going shopping to a mommy store” where he’ll buy “vegetables and apples”. Also says he’s “going out with some ladies” and “going to yoga now.”

Has been calling daddy “Pat.”

Every evening shouts out “It’s bath TONIGHT tonight, boys!”

Didn’t nap yesterday (dear lord.)

If he pees on the potty, says “I’m so proud of you, mommy!”

Calls chapstick and the fish lips face that people do with their lips “fip lips.”

Is obsessed with his Halloween candy, but instead of just asking for some goes around moaning about how hungry he is.

Knows how to crawl out of his crib (dear lord.)

Gives lots of kisses, gentle pats, and snuggles to mommy. OR if he’s having a fit, hits, bites and pulls mommy’s hair.