our neighborhood represents!

I better mention the election today, for history’s sake. We’ve had this sign up in our yard for two months now, and just last night for the first time I was asked by Ryan what exactly it was we were voting ‘no’ to. He thought it meant “don’t vote.” So I cleared that misconception right up with a lovely little explanation about how anyone should be able to marry whoever they want to.

And then tonight I hurdled that sign, because I’m spry like that.

I saved my voting till late in the afternoon because Ryan really wanted to come along. So I voted with two kids in tow. Thankfully there were no lines and we got in and out pretty quickly. Ryan voted in his classroom today, and he came home and told me that Obama won 23 votes to 2. Pat was trying to get Ry to tell him why he chose to vote the way he did, but he didn’t really have an explanation.


In other news today, Sam and I went to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. That place is notoriously NOT my favorite place, but after an almost three year hiatus, I was ready to go back with Sam. He’s at the perfect age for enjoying it, I do think. We went with a neighbor and her daughter who is just a tad bit older than Sam, and they had a great time. We hung out a long time in the castle exhibit, the ‘our world’ exhibit with the real-life bus, grocery store, restaurant, etc., and ended in the nature exhibit with the giant ant hill and water play stream. Highlights for Sam were the dragon roaring out of the castle tower, driving the pretend bus, cooking in the kitchen of the Korean restaurant, using the hand dryers after water play, and getting to touch two real, live turtles.


This morning after breakfast, in addition to reviewing the two presidential candidates and explaining which one I was voting for, I showed the boys Jimmy Kimmel’s video montage of kids being told that their parents ate all their Halloween candy. Ry and Sam thought the kids’ reactions were HILARIOUS. So with all that background info, this afternoon I showed Ryan our empty Halloween candy bowl and said that I ate all his candy while he was at school. I have it on video, but it was anticlimactic because he didn’t believe me from the get-go. So here’s a picture of him brushing his teeth.