This is my 5th year doing this NaBloPoMo business! It’s fun to look back on the full month of blogging from the past five years.

Five years ago on this day (11.8.07)…. I wrote a post titled phlebotomy is not my friend. Today I also had a medical appointment. No blood draws though- just a routine eye exam. To which I had to bring along Sam at the last minute when the babysitter called in sick. He did surprisingly great though for a 2.5 year old having to sit around and wait. I was proud:) And as an update on the phlebotomy… ever since that incident in 2007 when I almost fainted, I have each and every time since requested to lie down for a blood draw, and have never again had a problem.

Four years ago on this day (11.8.08)… I wrote a post titled a stunning backside about an outing I took with 18 month old Ryan to Minnehaha Falls to take some photos of him. Oh my, look at him!!! He is such a dear! I remember that day, and I remember him at that age. He was all over the place. Active then; active now. Today to prove his activity level is high, he biked outside, balanced on tree trunks, rolled down hills, ran across the couch, and commandeered daddy and Sam’s basketball game. And now he looks like this:

Three years ago on this day (11.8.09)… I wrote a post titled sunday 11/8: on the docket for today. Apparently I didn’t have anything to blog about three years ago either. Today…I just sent an email back to the one friend who commented on that ’08 post discussing a family photo for ’12! (And in the email I said ‘if I don’t get a family photo taken this year I’m not going to stress about it, and how FREEING would it be to not feel obligated to send out a family photo card???!!!!)

Two years ago on this day (11.08.10)… I wrote a post titled Ryan, v3.5 with an update on all things Ryan. Reading this is… wow. We’ve had a lot of challenges with Ryan, and not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had an advanced degree in child psychology. A lot of the stuff described here at age 3.5? Is still happening at 5.5. He has matured though, in many arenas. And he still loves to bike! Just today in fact, both he and Sam applied Shimano and Dura Ace tattoos to their legs.

One year ago on this day (11.8.11)… I wrote a post titled a new dishwasher says it all about how excited I was to have a new dishwasher in my kitchen! Today…we’d love a full-kitchen remodel! And the back entry detritus is once again multiplying rapidly. And the dishwasher? Love it!