• There’s still lots of Halloween candy around these parts. That dang stuff…I can’t resist it. Thankfully both my boys have learned something from the overabundance of candy: mommy’s favorite is always the chocolate.
  • I went to yoga one night this week, book club another night (we read Gone Girl– I recommend it. Also I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it), and tonight I was going to hit up Target after bedtime but Pat offered to go instead and YAY!
  • Speaking of…my husband wants everyone to know that he thinks I should blog about how awesome he is. Which includes, but is not limited to, the fact that he bought (another) bike this week, bringing the grand total of bikes he owns to five. And the grand total of bikes associated with our household to nine.
  • For dinners this week we had meatloaf with squash and kale, chicken fajitas, pancakes/bacon, and chicken stir fry. So have I ever mentioned here that we dabble in the paleolithic diet in our household? I say dabble because I’ve been trying in general to avoid gluten, dairy, and processed crap in order to ease flare ups in my skin. Thus, in the aforementioned meals I ate the fajita innards, but no tortillas. The pancakes were gluten free. And I ate my stir fry with cauliflower rice. But then there’s bullet point 1. Yeah.
  • A new rug for our porch arrived this week. We are still spiffing up our living room area.
  • My kindergarten son has become a stalker. The other day he got off the bus repeating numbers over and over. When I asked what he was doing he said “that’s S’s address (girl in his class), and I need to remember it so I can write it down on a paper. We’re going to drive by her house later and see what it’s like.” He then proceeded to get out the school directory, look up every kid in his class, and wrote down one other kid’s address whose house he also wants to ‘check out.’ He got really mad that afternoon when I told him that no we would not be setting out on a special trip to drive by two classmates’ houses. I did tell him we could go this weekend though:)
  • In addition to the bikes, Pat also wants everyone to know that it bugs the crap out of him when a person’s facebook profile picture contains people OTHER than the person who the account is for. So, if your profile contains a picture of just your dog, or of you and your spouse, or you and your kids, then your profile picture is BOGUS. It should be a picture of JUST YOU. (per FatJ).
  • That’s all I can think of. Happy Friday.