So, it’s winter now. (Wait, I stand corrected by my FIVE YEAR OLD who tells me it’s still fall. Why are they so literal?) And, winter sucks for a myriad of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • it is cold outside
  • it is not warm outside
  • putting children in winter outerwear is truly annoying
  • I don’t have a mud room
  • buckling children into car seats while they’re wearing winter outerwear is loathsome
  • I have a two year old who has thrown an epic tantrum every time he’s been told he needs to wear his winter jacket.
  • I have a two year old who REFUSES to wear mittens of any type, and then has the nerve to throw an epic tantrum when his hands freeze off when he touches snow and ice bare handed
  • snow
  • ice
  • weather-related traffic holdups causing cancelled plans

(Sam, this morning. He was real thrilled I was taking his picture instead of warming his hands.)