Here is a list of ten superficial things that I was thankful for back in November of 2010. My updated commentary for 2012 will be written in this festive orange color.

1. Heated seats in my car. I’d like to take this one step further and wish for a heated steering wheel.

2. My new iMac. Still using it. Still loving it.

3. Anything chocolate. Revised: DARK chocolate. 

4. Hot chai tea. Rarely get these anymore. I’ve graduated to lattes.

5. Three(ish) hours of solitude between when my kids go to bed and I go to bed. Make that two(ish) hours.

6. Good novels. Yes!

7. SuperTarget. YES!!!!!!!

8. Disposable diapers. I look forward to a household free of these.

9. Online shopping. I enjoy real shopping more.

10. Dinners out at good restaurants. Always.

How about you, wanna share yours? In 2012, I don’t ask questions at the end of blog posts. But any of my three readers are welcome to answer.