We celebrated another lovely Thanksgiving in Duluth this year. The weather was nice in the morning and we snuck in some family photos (thanks, Kim!). We dined mid-day and the kids made the place cards and decided upon the seating arrangements and the food was delicious and we ate too much and… I’m tired so here are a few random pictures from the day.

Ry took these first two. He helped set the table and was proud of how beautiful it was.

Grandma had EXACTLY TEN turkey napkins, whew just the right amount.

Pat did an outstanding job with the pies again this year. Pat’s Pecan:

Pat’s Pumpkin:

Pat’s Pies:

boys playing in the sandbox in the morning

low-quality pie eating picture (Ry is all red and blotchy because he just finished up 20 minutes worth of crying about football injuries)

boys playing Bunco with grandma

These two are little buddies…here they are doing something weird.

cheeseball faces before bed