I’ve once again failed at NaBloPoMo. We were in Duluth for the long weekend and my parents’ internet didn’t work after Thursday. So I missed two days of posting; oh well.

A brief overview of our weekend goes a little something like this. Thanksgiving was great. Friday morning we awoke to a blanket of snow, so Ry and Sam went out to play before breakfast. After about three bites of his pancakes, Ryan declared he had a belly ache and was freezing, so he spent some time on the couch. He was pretty much down for the count for the rest of the day with fever, vomiting, and a three hour nap. I stayed home all day barely changing out of my pajamas. Pat went out for a while and did some black friday shopping, scoring himself some coffee beans, a baseball cap, and a growler of beer.

Saturday Ryan was better. My mom and I took the boys to the library for some playtime, and we hung around at home the rest of the day. Pat and I went to dinner with Tom and Kim, and as the old lame-os we are, were home before 10:00pm. We ate a ton of turkey and pie leftovers all weekend, and took a few dips in the hot tub.

Duluth got probably 5 inches of snow while we were there, and the boys got their first taste of snow play for this winter. Ryan and Max played together in the typical way that boys do- throwing snow and ice chunks in each others’ faces and then crying about it. Ryan also rode his bike in the snow, until he made too tight of a turn and the bike slid out from under him on the ice.

Sam liked crawling up and down the little snowbank and running around in the white stuff. He protested the winter gear like usual, but really only put up a fight about his mittens. He adamantly refused to wear the warm, waterproof, correct-fitting mittens I brought for him. He wore a pair of Vivi’s pink, flowery mittens one day, and then after that would only wear a pair of homemade MN Twins fleece mittens that were about five sizes too big and kept falling off.

I snapped a few pictures of Sam this morning as he frolicked in the snow with Torii.