So, what’s new, what’s new? Blogging everyday is really super hard. I have no deep thoughts, nothing much to say. Monday 11/26/12, here’s what’s going on:

-I volunteered in Ry’s classroom this morning. And- there should be a special place in heaven for kindergarten teachers.

-The weather today? Freezing.

-Sam and I went grocery shopping. He’s so funny. In the produce section, he keeps shouting to me ‘get those black things, get those black things!’ and I finally realize he’s talking about eggplant. He was very excited to get a sample of salami at the deli counter, and then insisted that I give him a slice of the deli chicken I bought. He also loves seeing the “ice” at the fish counter, and then gets really confused when I tell him the ice is for fish, but all he sees are fillets of stuff. As we’re leaving the store and the carry-out is forced to walk at a turtle’s pace behind Sam, the Whamster sings over and over “Sam likes macaroni!” to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

-This post is becoming a lot about Sam. It was a very Sam-centric day today.

-As I was reading Sam’s books at naptime, I noticed he kept holding his ear. I put him down for nap, and he tells me his ear hurts. I think nothing much of it and tell him it’ll be fine once he falls asleep. Three minutes later he’s crying. I go in there and he’s standing up and is all upset because he found a dryer sheet that had been stuck on his freshly laundered blankies. Lay him back down, tuck back in. Three minutes later he’s crying again. Ear hurts. Tells me to “take it out of my ear mommy, take it out!” Clearly the dude is in pain. I try a few things, like an ice pack (he’s obsessed with icing any minor injury), me holding him in the rocking chair, us lying together in my bed, us sitting on the couch watching a show, and nothing is settling him down. It was obvious this was an ear infection, and of course no appts were available at our clinic, and the earliest urgent care in our area didn’t open till 5:00. So we hung on till then, my mother in law so very nicely came over to hang out with Ryan, and Sam and I booked it to Urgent Care. Sure enough, a Double Whammy Sammy ear infection. He was so good at the clinic, such a little calm man with nary a whine. And then he screamed all the way home in pain. Pat picked up the prescription on his way home from work, but by the time he got here poor little Sam had passed out in my arms in the rocking chair.

-So then we got a little bit of Ryan-mommy-daddy time, which NEVER happens, and that guy was loving it. We had some uninterrupted conversation about school, and then read stories in our bed.

-And now tonight I watched an episode of Downton Abbey, am writing this intriguing blog post, and am about to head up to read some trashy novel I found at my mom’s house. (I picked it up and started reading it on Friday when Ry was sick in bed all day.)

-!! g’night.