Ryan was home sick today. By 8:30 they were fingerpainting. By 8:31 I was ready to stab myself in the face with a fork.

I’m interested in hearing others’ philosophies on when a sick child should stay home. Ry was sick last night, and this morning had a (very low) fever, bad sore throat, swollen glands, snot, etc. He said it hurt to talk and swallow. And he looked pretty pale. He laid around for quite awhile this morning, but for the bulk of the day acted like his normal self. The boys were at each others’ throats all day, and we didn’t leave the house except for a 30 minute outside playtime session for some fresh air.

For the most part, he acted like he could have been in school. And having him home messing up Sam’s and my routine Thursday was not exactly a day at the beach. Ah well…


In other news, the elf is back. He will greet the children tomorrow when they wake up which I’m sure will throw a wrench into the morning routine but whatever. I dug the elf box out from the highest shelf in our linen closet, only to discover that I had stashed all of last year’s holiday cards in there as well. It was fun to sit down and read everyone’s greetings from 2011!

Elf question, for anyone doing Elf on the Shelf: If the elfie supposedly reappears each year when he’s sent down from the North Pole by Santa, what do I tell my children when they see the boxed Elf on the Shelf kit for sale at Target???