Hahahaha, I just went back and read my tree farm post from last year, and things in 2011 sounded eerily similar to what went down on this year’s visit.

One big difference though…this year we did the tree farm trek on Saturday, December 8th, and there was only a dusting of snow on the ground. The big first storm of the season didn’t arrive until the next day. Anyway, I’ll gloss over the joyousness that was getting us all ready to leave the house and then drive to the tree farm, and will just document our time actually spent enjoying traditional tree farm activities.

When we arrived our first stop was the barn animals/petting zoo. Sam loved all the animals. Then we admired the campfire while the boys crawled around on a sleigh and the tree farm owner offered to take a family picture of us.

IMG_0100 IMG_0102 IMG_0103

Shortly, it was time to get our tree, and even though there was no snow through which to pull a tree on a sled, we still used a sled anyway. We all took turns pulling one another through the weeds.

IMG_0107 IMG_0108

Our tree was selected relatively quickly, and it was really fun watching Sam’s gears turn in his head when he realized Pat was sawing down the tree and we were taking it home with us!

IMG_0109 IMG_0111 IMG_0112

Discussing the merits of the perfect tree, no doubt.


Pat loves it every year when I take a picture of him sawing the tree down.


Can’t you tell he cross-fits?

IMG_0122 IMG_0125

Everyone helped haul the tree back to the car.

IMG_0128 IMG_0129

And then came the fun part where the boys and I rode in the back of the car with the door open and towed the tree-on-sled over to the baling area while Pat drove. Ry and Sam loved watching the tree farm machinery. And then I had to take my two sons to the outhouse to go pee, and we did a thorough analysis of the white bead-like things that were sitting in the urinal. (Seriously– while DADDY chatted outside. Why am I the one explaining scented urinal beads?)

After the potty break it was finally time for Santa. We knew Sam was a little leery of the Santa idea. He kept asking if Santa was nice, or if he was scary. Sam refused to sit near Santa, but he did fine sitting on the other side of Ry.


Ryan is, ONCE AGAIN, asking for a remote control car from Santa. (If you read last year’s post you’ll know it’s the exact same thing he asked for last year. And received last year. And broke last year.) Santa kept promising the boys a sucker after they talked to him, so when asked what HE wanted for Christmas from Santa, Sam replied “a SUCKER!!”

That above Santa photo is the last picture I took on this adventure, and I will once again gloss over what went down in order for us to LEAVE the tree farm and the ensuing drive home. Which this year did NOT involve a stop for lunch, thanks to a child who will remain unnamed.


Once home, Sam napped, Ryan tested the lights, and I strung them up. Once strung, of course, they did not all work. We finally got that mess figured out, and then Sam was awake and two boys were eagerly assisting me with the tree decorating. I’m pleased to report that no ornaments were shattered this year! The boys placed all the ornaments on the same five branches, which was adorable (and remedied by me later once they went to bed.) The tree looks great, if I do say so myself, although this is a horrible picture of it.


It’s also really nice to have a mantel and a place to put other holiday decor.

mantel mantel1

Sam’s been wearing this Santa hat around a lot lately. He’s also perfected his Cheesy Posing Grin.

sam samsanta