The weekend before Christmas we did a lot of baking. It was fun hanging out with Ryan- he was really enthusiastic about all the treats we were making and took his job as my baking helper very seriously.

On Sunday we wrapped up the baking with a little late-morning hot cocoa treat. Sam and Daddy were still outside so Ryan and I had some alone time chatting over our drinks.


Then in the afternoon we had all our gingerbread and sugar cookie cutouts to frost and decorate. Sam entered the picture after his nap, and thanks to a snotty cold he ended up sneezing and blowing and spraying all over his cookies. We kept his finished products under quarantine. He mainly spent the entire time eating a whole bowl of frosting and licking off the knives.

samfrosting cookiefrosting frosting

Sam was obsessed with the cookies and all the treats around, asking for candy canes and cookies before breakfast, after breakfast, and throughout the day. Christmas Eve morning…here he is enjoying a post-breakfast cookie and cheesy pose with Hermie the elf.

Sam1 Samcookie