Christmas morning we slept in till 7:00, and at 7:01 Ryan came running in to our room ready to see what Santa brought. (We told Ry that we would NOT be getting up before 7:00, and he actually LISTENED!) So we got up, Ry woke up Sam, and the fun all began in the living room.


Ry got his remote control car, along with a letter from Santa telling him to be careful with it, and assuring him this would be the last RC he was getting. In his sock Ryan got a little notebook, Hulk toothbrush, socks, candy cane. From us he got some Tomica car/truck track.


Sam’s gift from Santa was a drum, mallet, and pitch pipe (just like the ones at music class). His letter from Santa included some wise words of wisdom about Sam being old enough to poop on the potty now, accompanied by two books about poo. His stocking held the books, a toothbrush, candy cane…and I can’t remember what else.

xmasmorn samopening

We got Sam a toy kitchen and play food/dishes (yay to a craigslist find!).

sam's gift sam kitchen

Daddy got an ipad:)


We had a leisurely morning setting up toys, putting batteries in stuff, eating egg bake, and hanging out.

IMG_0090 IMG_0091-001

In the afternoon we went to Pat’s family’s Christmas Day celebration and had a lovely afternoon of cousin squabbles and gift exchanging and eating. Look how we managed to set up a cousin photo shoot right on the living room sofa, and then my camera was still IN THE CAR. The iphone got these- I’m bummed they’re so grainy because the kids were cooperative and cute.


THIS, though? THIS? Is my ultimate, absolute favorite photograph from the holiday season of 2012.


The children were jumping in this box and then they’d get ‘delivered’ to Grandma for Christmas. Of course there was drama.

Then there’s this guy- the most chill baby of all time.